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Attention: A Broadcast Station for the New Generation is GDRStation……Promoting Ideal Values.

Are you Gifted/Creative and interested in media activities such as Programs Presentation, News Casting/Analysis/Production/Reportorial and more related?

Do you have some beautiful program concept believed would greatly impact people and the community? Have you all it takes to hosting shows built around romance, motivations, health, talks, children, music, interview, public education, sport, documentary, family, plus more related on radio?

GREAT if Resounding Yes was your answer! Here comes one platform you’ve been longing to have, especially if you are young and yawning to showcase to the world, the best of Broadcast Journalism prowess within you. GDRStation wants you and your applications are invited and should be forwarded to:

Please subject your E-mail as Jobs-Internship. Then, include your full name, brief about yourself, location, what you are interested to do from the above list activities and best way to contact you. Soon as your submission is received, someone gets right back with you immediately.

Note ‘incentives aside’: Please be prepared to impact for real and happier using your talent primarily for the service of humanity. You are the next OAP the Universe is waiting to Recognize and Celebrate!

Applicants/Undergraduates of Communication Programs interested to work with us as Intern/Volunteer may as well apply in the order given above for appropriate action. We look forward to receiving from you and this is wishing y’all best of luck in all.